Pay it forward Friday

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Life has been busy and a little in shambles!  Hence the two posts in one day!  I don’t want to leave you hanging so I will always post even if it is a little late.  Today is FRIDAY yay!  I actually have almost all my cake projects done and have tomorrow night off and I am looking forward to cleaning and organizing my room.  Ha ha such crazy plans for the weekend but sometimes you need to catch up when you can!

But today’s podcast is a PAY IT FORWARD FRI-YAY!  Do something for something else without expecting anything in return!  It is so easy and can make someones day and can be rewarding to yourself.  So this weekend think of how you can give back to someone else and have those warm fuzzy feelings inside!

Have a great weekend!


Cell Phone

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Do you take care of your cell phone better than you take care of yourself?!  When the phone battery is low I have seen people or have done it my self, but will search FRANTICALLY for a phone charger so my phone will not die.  But on the other hand we are comfortable with letting ourselves run out of energy with no intention of frantically running for a nap!  Why do we do this?  Our health should be our number one priority but we are more concerned with your phone having enough power but we will wait to recharge our own batteries.

We need to make sure we are recharging our batteries EVERYDAY just like our phones.  It doesn’t have to be something major but everyday we can incorporate a little recharging so we will be 100% for the next day, week, or month ahead.  Just think if we did “recharge” ourselves as much as we did our phones how GREAT we would feel!  Think about it this week.  What can you do to recharge your battery daily because YOU ARE NUMBER ONE!


Mantra Mondays

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Happy Monday Ya’ll!  I have another mantra to get you going this week!  I like it because it rhymes and is kinda easy to remember!  But I also like it because it says to leave your past behind you, look to the future, and fill your heart with joy and love.  What  is better than that?  We obviously don’t want you to forget the good things of the past but if you have things that are brining you down you should find a way to move past them to be able to enjoy your life and look forward to a bright new future with love and joy!  Just like we have said before if it is not serving you in a positive and productive way then you need to get it out of your life.  It servers no positive purpose in your life so move on and focus on what is to come!

Hope you all have a great week!


This ones for the girls!

So at my friends Baby shower I discovered this book and I think EVERY GIRL needs it! Young or old it’s a great encouraging book to remind you to love yourself, be kind, say no, and that you have people that care about you! So today’s podcast is a reading of the book to show how amazing it is and I think it could be a really neat gift for a niece, god daughter, or any girl in your life! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and if you want to buy it, here’s the link from amazon!

Have a great weekend!


Mentally Strong

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Perfect day to write this because I just had two days off and I should feel refreshed and ready to take on this weeks tasks and instead I feel sad, unmotivated, and want one more day… I need to get back to my mentally strong state where I was moving and grooving and getting things done and motivated.  So today I share 18 things to get you back on track to get mentally STRONG!  A few I think I have already achieved others I need to work on but I think if I can print them out and look and focus on the areas that need improvement hopefully it will get me back into that mind set.  I don’t know where I lost it and I am still being productive but some days its just so HARD!  Maybe it is time for a change or something and that will keep me motivated.  I want to get so many things done yet I want to stay in bed.  BLAH!  Someone shake me and snap me out of it!  I am going to focus on one thing at a time to get my mind back and continue to make daily lists to cross off and just stay positive that I will get back to that place or that I will get to a place where I should be!  I know it will come if I just focus and stay positive!  What steps do you need to work on to be more mentally strong?!


Sleepy Time

Monday mantras!

Time to rest! Everything is going to be okay!

A perfect mantra to end the day and get started on some much needed zzzzz’s! Rest and relaxation is what we all need more of in this fast pace world! I have a sleep routine that makes going to sleep a breeze! It cuts out my mind running a 5k marathon! Try out my night time routine and let me know if you catch some better zzzz’s!

Sweet dreams


Leading or bossing..

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Are you a leader or a boss?  Now for this podcast the term “boss” is someone who is demanding, doesn’t show positive examples, barks orders, and shows no appreciation towards the work that has been done.  The definition of a leader is someone who still has high standard but leads by example, appreciates work that is done and is creating a positive work environment for everyone.  I feel like these two phrases can be used not only in a work setting but can also be used in a classroom, church group, sports team, or even friend group.  Be that positive drive and leader in any environment you are placed in!

Have  a great weekend friends!


Go for it!

So I feel like this podcast is like I heard this thing from this guy… ha ha! But I was watching the Today Show and I did hear part of a segment while I was doing things around the house and I should have wrote down the info but I figured you would get the gist of what I’m saying and no matter who said it… it’s still inspirational! When you are attempting something, GO FOR IT! Go all in put your heart and soul into it and you just may get a better outcome than you thought!

Sorry again a late post I have been house sitting like I said and not around the computer so I can’t upload content from my phone which has been putting me behind! But at least I’m still trying to inspire 3 times a week!