You have to make big moves to make changes


Today I got to be involved in our Statewide teacher protest.  We went downtown and walked from Chase Field to the Capitol to make a stand that Education in Arizona needs more attention and funding.  What was most impressive about this protest is that is was PEACEFUL!  It showed the rest of the world you can make a statement without being out of hand, hateful, or ruining property.  So not only do I think they made a statement about education but also made an example of peaceful protest.  We have a voice in the world and there is a right way to use it and these teachers and educators are doing it in that very way.  Props to them!  It was such a positive and moving experience and I was glad I got to be a part of it!  If you would like to know more or support the #redfored movement please visit




Do you feel like your brain is like grand central station with information, thoughts, ideas, to-do lists and it just doesn’t stop?! I feel like this ALL the time! Lately I have been doing restorative yoga with my mom and trying to slow it down for a moment but it’s SO HARD! She says when you can’t focus or start thinking focus on your breath… but as hard as I try it’s deep breath in.. I need to go to the grocery.. stop thinking. Oh ya breathe.. oh ya time to exhale. And then I just feel like ugh this is pointless at least I’m getting a good stretch. I want to have a moment of pure nothingness! No thoughts, no cares, no information stream scrolling at 100 miles an hour in my head. So for now I’ll have to practice. I encourage you to do the same! Take some deep breaths and try to clear your mind try to take 5 minutes of nothing. Just deep breathing and clearing your head. I’m going to try to start doing it daily even if I can’t have 5 minutes I will try until I get there! I hope you try too and find simple moments of nothing that makes your day better and have a moment of relaxation.

Inhale the good and exhale the bad!


Find motivation in others


Since podcasting and doing keto diet, I have done a lot of research and listened to others podcast and its enlightening and inspiring.  I encourage you to do the same.  I have said before I do this podcast not only to remind myself of these things but to bring a little ray of hope in your day, week, month, however much you listen.  It is nice to hear others perspective on life and how they cope and inspire themselves.  I encourage you to research and listen to others to gain some ways to be more positive and productive.  Of course, don’t stop listening to your favorite podcast (aka mine 🙂 ) Hope everyone has a great week and finds inspiration in my podcast and others that helps you get thru your week in a more positive way!




Happy Friday Night!  I wanted to change it up a bit and talk about our night routines again and sleeping.  Did you get enough sleep this week?  I know I didn’t!  And I still probably won’t this weekend ha! (But I will catch up on Monday)  For all of you that can sleep in tomorrow or catch up this weekend, I encourage you too!  Did you know if you stay up after 11pm your body releases more cortisol to help you stay awake later?  Cortisol is often called the stress hormone so it’s best to try to get to sleep before then, also maybe steer away from electronics a couple hours before bed to ensure a good nights sleep.  Sleep is essential for good mental and physical health.  I know when I am well rested I always feel like my day goes smoother and my attitude is WAY better.  So this weekend I hope you can catch some extra ZZZ’s and get to bed early.


Do you believe?


Isn’t it funny we can believe in other people but we don’t believe in ourselves!? It’s crazy! We follow others ideas, thoughts and lifestyles because we trust and believe in their ways but don’t give ourselves the same credit. Why is that? We should be able to believe in ourself wholeheartedly! We need to accept ourselves faults and all! Take the main focus out of believing in others and believe in you because you are worth it!


Doing the same things will get you the same results…

It’s easy to stick to a routine but sometimes you have to change it up a bit to get different results! This can apply to anything but specifically our 2018 goals and April challenge! If you’re not getting the outcome you want it’s time to do something different NOW! Make a change and do something different to get different and better results!


Look for the positives in everyday!


I know sometimes it is hard but, we should always try to look for best in things. Even on the hardest days try to find something positive to be happy, thankful or grateful for. Some days I feel like when I’m having a bad day I continually look for little things to keep focusing on the bad when I should turn it around and find something positive to make the day better. Having a positive state of mind and thoughts will help you over come difficult times and have more good times! So stay positive peeps!


Unicorns, Glitter and Bacon…


Sometimes you just need a mid week pick me up!  So that is exactly what you are getting on the podcast today!  You are more AMAZING that Unicorns, glitter, and sparkles… and I am not lying (you should remind yourself of that) and just a light hearted joke to make you chuckle!  I hope your hump day is great and it is easy going into the weekend!

Laugh it up clowns (said in the most enduring way)


Best Case Scenario


On the tv show “This is Us” they play this game, Worst Case Scenario, when they are facing a situation they list the worst possible outcomes.  Well, I am challenging you to do the opposite!  When faced with an issue or daring task this week I want you to think of the best case scenario!  It can be done by yourself, at work, or even in a family members have everyone share their thoughts on a situation and what is the best outcome that can happen!  It is positivity at its finest!  We are focusing on what good can come out of things and maybe one of the scenarios will actually turn out!  We are manifesting positvity this week by focusing on the good!