Less is More

less is more
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Sorry for the funky voice still on the mend!  But today’s mantra is


I know I talk about making lists and getting stuff done and being super duper productive!  But sometimes that is not practical and LESS is MORE.  When you didn’t get to cross off everything on your to do list don’t sit and stress over it instead be happy for what you did get done and move on!

This week let that be your focus!  If you come up short and are feeling stressed about the tasks you have on hand remember less is more and it can be done another day!


Compliment Fri-Yay!

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So I have lost my voice once again but didn’t want to leave you without a post!  So instead of pay it forward Friday we are doing pay a compliment Friday!  Find 3 people, random or not, to give a compliment too! It doesn’t have to be anything major just like

“Nice outfit”

“You look handsome today”

“Your work ethic is always on point”

“I love how positive you are”

“Your smile lights up a room”

Anything to make someone feel special!  I know when I get compliments it really makes my day so try to make someone smile with some kind words today!

Have a great weekend!


Stress doesn’t go with my outfit!

So a secret of mine is I would love to not wear the same outfit twice… 😦 I know a little pretentious but I LOVE CLOTHES and how new outfits make me feel!  When I have an new outfit it is almost like art and I got to put together a whole new look!  And when I am in a stunning outfit that I just LOVE I feel GREAT, Excited, confident!  Now, I shouldn’t only feel this way due to clothes and it isn’t all because of the material things but it sure does help.  So today’s quote is about NOT WEARING STRESS as a part of your outfit!  You want to look put together, cool, calm, and collected so don’t let what is going on in your life show on the outside!  Dress to impress regardless of what is going on in your day and don’t let things get you so down it shows in your outer appearance!  Now I am not saying you need to go out and buy a new outfit but the better you feel about yourself the more positivity you will radiate!  Go out and be a positive fashionista today!



Monday mantras

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My current situation is not my final destination!

Life is a journey with many curves, hills, obstacles, and more! When we hit a road block it’s just part of the journey and not our final destination! If we are in a part of life that we aren’t quite happy with, don’t stress, just keep plugging away and you will get past it to a new spot in your journey! Staying positive helps get you to your final destination as well! So set your goals high, work hard and know this doesn’t have to be your final destination!


6 ways to not stress at work!

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Happy Friday from me, Sarah Moffa ;-)!  Are you at work today?  Do you feel stressed?  I know there are times when I am at work and can feel overwhelmed for sure!  Well here are 6 ways to de-stress at work (found on pinterest by Bank Of America)  to have a better day!

  1.  Step outside!  Now here in AZ you may not want to step outside because it is so STINKING hot during this time of year.  But maybe just get out of your office or step outside for a couple of minutes to just re-collect yourself and take a few deep breaths!  Sometimes stepping away from your work and going back gives you a new perspective.
  2. Do a little meditation!  Do a little deep breathing and chant some mantras about being positive and move on with your day!
  3. Go take a quick break and grab a coffee or share your lunch break with a friend and either escape the work day for a minute with some friendly conversation or maybe ask for advice if your in a bind!
  4. Now I have not ever heard of a pet friendly workplace but maybe if you work from home and have a pet this can pertain for you but take a snuggle break with your pet!  Giving your pet some lovin’ always puts you in a good mood so take a pet break and then get back to work!  Added bonus your pet will love this too!
  5. Create a to-do list!  Write down the things you need to get done and feel accomplished when you have crossed everything or most everything off your list!
  6. Remind yourself of your goals and WHY!  Why are you working why are you here?!  Are you working to save up for a vacation?  Or maybe your working towards a better position or raise!  Whatever the reason is remind yourself that in order to get there you need to work hard and let your why be your motivation!

I hope your Friday goes by like a breeze and is not stressful and you get to have a long and enjoyable weekend!


Be that girl..or boy

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Be that girl (boy) that wakes up, shows up, never gives up, and works hard!

Wake up

The past few weeks I have been trying to get up early to get stuff done! More time to go to the gym, be productive, and even get more rest! I have been making little lists to accomplish each day to keep on track for the week!

Show up

Showing up is half the battle! Did you ever take a class in college where you got points for showing up?! Not only was the class easier because you got the lesson for actually being in class but then you got extra points for just being there! Those are times it pays to just show up! Or if you’re trying to get back on a gym routine (aka me) maybe you get in the habit of going even if your workouts are the best you are still showing up and trying to make a difference

Never give up

Well this is a given! In life you can’t just give up! Times get hard or you may struggle but that is not means for giving up! The obstacles you face when working towards a goal only make you stronger so keep pushing forward!

Work Hard

To accomplish things in life you have to work hard! There is a rare few people besides trust fund babies that don’t have to work hard and just get handed things in life. But n order to get that money someone had to work for it! So put your best effort forward and prepare to do some work!

Just a little mid week power jolt to keep you accountable to stay on task! You got this girl.. or boy!



Mantra Mon-yay

First off, no one ever says “Mon-yay” lol is it because most of us dread Monday ? It’s after the weekend and we are forced to go back to work? I like Monday’s because it’s my day off! Anyhoo!

Mantra Monday! If your too comfortable it’s time to make a change! How simple is that?! Ha ha no so simple for some aka people like me! But we should push our boundaries and accept change! Growing, learning and changing are good and I think we need to embrace it more! So what is something that you are comfortable with and you need to change? Think about it then be about it!

Happy Mon-yay friends!


posting now audio to come!


sunrise under cloudy sky illustration
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Hello!  I hope we all have picked our August goals/challenge and did a self check on our 2018 goals!  We are 3 days in to August so keep going STRONG!  Today I have a short but sweet quote for you!  Keep people around you that are like SUNSHINE!  We want people in our life that bring light, warmth, and comfort!  Those people should be our core group and people we keep around!  Make sure your circle consists of people like sunshine to make your days brighter!

Have a great weekend friends!


Goal Check

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It is a brand new month and time to make new goals and new challenges!  What a perfect day to start something new!  This month I am doing a health challenge with some girls from work!  So for me that means back to strict Keto, No alcohol, and getting my butt back to the gym!  Along with the health challenge I am not going to be buying things again this month.  Next month is vacation and yes I want ALL the Disney Shirts and outfits! But I will have time before I go to get some and this month will be about focusing on health and $aving!

Also, don’t forget about our 2018 goals! Maybe some of you have achieved them and can move on to different goals or maybe some need to get back on the wagon!  Where ever you are it is a perfect time to start fresh and get back into them or start creating new goals!

There is never a bad time to put yourself in check, start new goals, or pick up where you left off on old goals but considering it is a new month today it makes it easier to have a day one starting point!  Do it for yourself because you deserve it!

Have a great hump day!