TWF Motivation

And today turned into tomorrow. Sorry that is life its a very busy week!

Today was a busy day so this post is going up late! But it’s Monday mantra!

I have the knowledge to make smart decisions for myself this week!

Keep it close by and repeat it! If you are making decisions this week don’t feel intimidated because you are all knowing and have what you need to make it happen! Trust yourself!


Ps only 6 months until Christmas! Sorry it’s one of my favorite times of the year! (yesterday)

10 scientific ways to be happy!

Who doesn’t want to be happy?! And with the weekend right around the corner we want to enjoy! Well, here are 10 scientific ways according to Buffer Productivity Blog on how to be happy! I feel these are great things to focus on and do to keep your weekend lighthearted and GREAT! My personal favorites are spending time with family and friends and giving back at least 2 hours a week! What things will you do this weekend to make you happy?!


Never regret a day

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I need a kick in the pants…ever since last week having 2 days off and no cakes I can’t get back to my usual go go go self.   I know I will get back to my motivated self but I feel lately I want to have a slower life for right now.  I am not ready to give up my side hustle but I am ready for some slower days.  That being said… Even though this week isn’t as eventful and fun I never want to regret my days… Good days are great, bad days are experience, worst days are lessons, and great days are for memories.  So last week was for memories and this week is an experience so far.  Ha ha!  No it hasn’t been bad I just can’t get myself back in the groove!  But I keep reminiscing about being up north last week and how much fun I had and I need to embrace those moments more than I think about how unmotivated and need to light a fire under my booty!  I should think about the positive times and have a reason to look forward to more.  I encourage you to do the same these last couple days before the weekend.  Think about the good days and memories and let the bad days be lessons and experience that we take note and move on from.


Ps someone light a fire under my booty to get me back in #bossmode Thank you 🙂

Pps yes sometimes I need motivation too!

Mantra Monday

I love myself

I believe in myself

I support myself

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Monday’s are for mantras to carry us thru the week!  Last week was about rest and relaxation and this week is back to #bosslife and getting back to the grind!   I am going to keep this mantra close this week to remind myself to love and be supportive of myself to get all my tasks done!  I feel saying these words in the mirror while looking at yourself helps because it is like a meaningful conversation when you look someone in the eyes and talk you believe them more.  So this week take some time out for self love, mantras and be supportive of yourself this week!


Father’s Day

Happy Fathers Day! Just like Mother’s Day I’m dedicating this podcast to my Dad! He’s has always been a VERY active support system in my life and I am so thankful for every bit of it! He taught us to cook, go on adventures, dance and sing around the house, and now he listens gives advice and makes sure everyone knows about my Cakes! I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my Dad and I can’t wait to celebrate him this weekend! I have such a positive influence from both of my parents and I’m beyond blessed for that!

So this weekend a big shout out to the men that are fathers or uncles, grandpas, or just a great influence! Thanks for all you do to shape the lives of others we celebrate you this weekend!



Coming home is bittersweet to say the least because my mini get away was great! My batteries are recharged and although sad I cannot vacation forever I am fortunate to have a job and a side hustle to come home too!

Today I want to share with you instead of thinking why me… think what can I learn from this?

So instead of being sad from having to go back to work I need to schedule more down time to enjoy my time off.

Maybe if you recently applied for a job and didn’t get it instead of thinking why did this happen think of the lesson you learned and what you can do better for next time.

I think this is a great way to look at issues and things that come up in life so we can learn and grow from changes and things we don’t understand to become better at handling situations!

Learn to grow and adjust in a positive way!


Shut down

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Sometimes you just need to shut down, turn off, and get away!  I am doing just that!  I need to recharge my batteries I have been GO GO GO times a million for I don’t even know how long and working and doing cakes and all the things and for the next two days I am going to try to slow it down a little bit this week.  I feel like I was on the brink of snapping a few times this weekend and not at things that haven’t irritated me before but I just feel like people and things have just been getting to me!  I really hope stepping away for these two days will help rejuvenate me and I can come back with a renewed attitude and MORE POSITIVITY! I think this is essential in life to take a break from everything and recharge your batteries even our devices need a break from time to time so we should do the same.  So maybe you can’t do it this week but make a plan for you time to catch up, relax, shut down, and just enjoy!

Have a great week friends!


Think before you speak!

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Sticks and stones my break my bones but name calling (harmful words) will never hurt me.  Wellllll actually they do… So many things we say can be unnecessary and hurtful.  To solve this issue we should THINK before we speak.  The quote tells us to go thru the 3 gates before we speak.

  1.  Is it truthful?
  2. Is it necessary?
  3. Is it rude?

Answer these simple questions before speaking and you can make sure what is coming out of your mouth is honest, helpful, and kind!  Being a positive person we always want to set a standard and be honest, helpful and kind so remember these things when we talk.

Have a great weekend!


PS my list of things are getting done successfully and I haven’t had a snowball of negativity!  #gome!

pps- Sorry the post was so late technology issues!

I’ll be there for you…


First off I am going to start by putting this right here.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Please use it if you feel helpless, have no where to turn, or think no one will understand.  It is better than ending your life.  They can find you help, relief, a way out.

I am writing this about mental health.  The very sad news about Kate Spade yesterday influenced me to do this because I think we should talk about it more.  It should be an open conversation.  You never know what is going on deep down inside in someone else’s life.  She seemed like she had it all, a brilliant creative mind, a thriving business so… WHY?  It doesn’t matter what you have in life sometimes you get into a deep dark place and it may look good to others on the outside but on the inside your alone, you feel helpless, it is almost suffocating and the only way out is to end it…ALL.  How terrible for someone to feel that way to feel that they can’t ask for help to feel like ending their life is better than the pain they feel at that very moment.  It is so sad to think about people being in that much pain it is their only way out.

So I am writing this to say if you are in this situation SEEK HELP!  You may think there is no solution but the solution is not to end it all.  People want you here, despite what you think or feel people LOVE and CARE about you and even if you can’t see it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  It may take time, medication, talking to someone, or therapy but there is an out.

I am also writing this to say be kind, lend an ear, don’t think just because someone is well off or seems happy that they are. If you know someone that is in this situation maybe call them and check on them, tell them how much you care for them you never know how much that can help.  As Kate Spade said… “She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.” Leave that sparkle for others to cling to or be that sparkle in someone else’s life.  A little piece of glitter can go along way.