Pay it forward Friday!

It’s that time again to pay it forward! Choose someone to do something nice for like buying someone’s coffee, making dinner for a family, send a card to a friend you haven’t spoken too in a while, or maybe do a chore for your neighbor. All these little things can make a BIG difference to someone else! Also when we pay it forward remember, we are doing it to expect NOTHING, Nada, zilch, back! Don’t post it on social media, don’t even expect a thank you just do it simply to help out another person. Your random act of kindness should be enough satisfaction that you don’t need any recognition. And you never know when your down and in need maybe the favor will be returned!

I hope you all have a wonderful positive weekend and tune in on Monday!


Are you really LISTENING?

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How many times have you been in a conversation  and NO ONE IS LISTENING.  Yes they are there, they look engaged, but when you finish they have no idea what you just said or they just start talking?  I feel like lately in life we don’t listen enough.  We are too eager to tell our opinion, or try to solve the problem that we don’t even hear what is going on.  I found a great quote from the Dalai Lama

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know.  But if you listen, you may learn something new. – Dalai Lama

Now this quote can apply to many things such as shut up and listen when your friends are talking or it can mean expand your mind and listen to other peoples thoughts and opinions they may have something to share that is knowledgeable. If we continue to listen and follow the same people and thoughts then we are only hearing what we already know.  I know  it seems like two totally different messages today but really it’s not in life we need to stop, slow down, and listen.  Listen in conversations, to loved ones, to others thoughts and ideas and see how expands our minds and views or maybe makes better relationships!

Did you hear that?!


Waste of time!


Happy Monday everyone!  I am publishing this LIVE from my OWN house!  How exciting is that!  I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day and now on to the glorious new week ahead!  So today I wanted to talk about time… I can’t tell you how many times I have said or wished there was more time in the day but am I using all my time wisely?  Am I making the most of the time that I have?  Am I spending time with people who deserve my time?  All good questions when allocating your time.  Some people don’t need to think about time as a precious jewel preserve and use wisely but most do.  I heard a great analogy of comparing time to money. For example is it worth playing candy crush for a half hour when you have other things to get done?  Now think if playing candy crush for a half hour was $30 would you still “waste” your time doing that?  Funny sometimes yes I probably would because well obvi they made it addicting as crack ha ha but two its just mindless “fun” to me.  But in the grand scheme of things no.  I would not spend $30 to play candy crush.  It is funny to think how we can be so frugal with money especially when we can get more or if we don’t like something we can get a refund but TIME is not like that.  We have a limited amount of time every day and in life.  You never will know when your time could run out.  So I think we should focus more on how we are spending our time and who we are spending our time with and make it memorable and worth our “spending” (since we are comparing it to money).  This week think about this when we are making choices on how to spend our time.  Do we really need to go out with friends or would it be better to spend more time with our kids this weekend.  Should I go to an event or should I stay home and complete chores around the house.  Should I pick up and extra shift at work or should I stay home and study for an exam.  All things to consider when we are faced with the choices.     I want to inspire you to use your time wisely this week!


To all the Momma’s!

Happy Mothers Day!  Words can’t express how amazing you all are!  Thank you for all you do everyday for your children and your family!  I don’t have kids yet but I can only imagine when I do!  Luckily, I am blessed with a beautiful niece and nephew and when they were born the amount of love and emotion I had was so much I could BURST and they aren’t even my own!

But this podcast although dedicated to mothers day, it is specifically dedicated to MY MOM!  Shout out to here because words can’t describe how amazing, wonderful, loving, strong, caring, smart, beautiful…. and I could go on and on and on and on!  I am so thankful to have her as not only a mom, but a cheerleader, a friend, and a business assistant or as I call her the Asst!  She is the reason I am the person I am today (with the help of my dad of course) and I can only hope to live to be just like her!  For an example, she helps me with my cakes and when she delivers for me people text me to tell me not about the cake but how cute and sweet my mom is and that is only after meeting her for a brief moment.  I only wish I could leave that positive impact on people in a short 5 minutes.  Luckily, I got thru the podcast part without tears and emotions after doing it for the 6th time but just writing this I have tears because I am just so thankful and lucky to have her as a MoM!  ❤

I hope you can feel the same way about your mom or maybe a mother figure in your life and if you do show them how much you appreciate them this weekend!  Yes, it is mothers day that comes once a year but we should be showing our love all year round because we all know they do!

Happy Mother’s Day to All You Wonderful and Amazing Mothers out There!



Love the skin you’re in!

Body image! We all have suffered from poor body image at some point in our life! We think.. I’m not the weight I want to be… I need to be more fit… I want to look this certain way… but we should have a positive relationship with ourself and our body. Just like any other relationship the more positive you are about it the better off you will be. Even if you haven’t met your health goals being positive will help you meet them faster! You need to tell yourself daily that you love your body, yourself and you are happy with where you’re at in your health routine.

So today’s affirmation should be said out loud and looking in the mirror and actually BELIEVE IT! Also, maybe start this routine with your children! Why not start a positive routine with them now!? Show them that you have a positive attitude towards your body and teach them to do the same!

We should love the skin we are in! Be proud of your accomplishments and start a better positive relationship with yourself!


Educate yo-self

Happy Monday!  Did you cringe at my very uneducated title?! Ha ha!  Anyways it was a long weekend filled with cakes, cakes, and oh ya work!  But this weekend I decided to make a change while doing cakes, instead of watching crap late night TV I am going to listen to a podcast, or book on tape (ha I keep calling it that but it just sounds appropriate…am I showing my age? 😦 ) So someone suggested this book and since I am trying to focus on being more positive, productive, etc I thought hm, why don’t I give it a listen.  I think I have now listened to half the book so far, and wow how enlightening!  He really has some good information, ideas, and thoughts!  I already have begun following his suggestion of waking up, drinking mineral water, getting some movement, and sunshine!  It’s a great way to start your day and sets the tone for a positive and productive day!  Another suggestion he had was to listen to something educational, or a podcast or story during your commute to work and what a wonderful idea that is!  Now I don’t have a commute to work but I have chosen to listen while I am burning the midnight oil doing cakes or whatever.  So instead of raising your blood pressure, texting, or screaming your lungs out to your favorite tunes why not listen to an educational book, podcast, or even a story!  You could potentially learn about a whole new subject in a week by just listening on your way to and from work or in my case while making cakes!   It is always good to expand and educate your mind so why not take advantage and learn during your commute!  I’ve attached a link to the book and I highly recommend it so check it out and educate yo-self!


May the 4th!

Fighting the dark side against negativity? Let the force of positivity be with you this weekend fight off those thoughts of what will people think, or I’m not enough, or I need to be more and accept what is and be happy about it! We may not have “magical powers” like Rey in Star Wars but the power of positive thinking can be just as magical!

Have a great weekend!


A little bit of good


Sorry had to do it in two takes!  Ha and its a day late!  I have been so bad about getting this out on time because I can’t do it from my phone and don’t have a computer at my house!  Anyways!  Congrats on finishing your April Challenge!  I was so happy with my results I am going to keep it up!  I did have some diet soda but I still haven’t had wine and still staying pretty strict keto!  We will see how long that will go for but I am feeling so good I am not ready to stop yet!  Like I said I may do a challenge a month and I will encourage you to join me because I think discipline is good!

Anyways!  On to the good stuff!  Finding a bit of good in everyday!  Sometimes it is hard to find and its easier to focus on the bad especially on days where I feel like its one thing after another.  But we need to look at the good to try to change our thoughts and views and maybe it will change our day around.  I know I can get pretty negative sometimes when things start going sour and so I should make a sticky note of this quote to bring me back from the dark side!  🙂   It is all about mindset and what you do in every situation so try to make the best of it!


It is a journey


Balance. so easy to say so hard to find.  I was talking to my sister last night and she inspired this podcast because she said to find balance is a journey.  And BOY is that TRUE!  I feel like either it is too little or too much and I have yet to find the sweet spot with balancing work, friends, cakes, chores, family, life, alone time, etc, etc…. And yet just looking at that list it seems like a lot to even find balance for.  I know everyone deals with it some are better at it than others because with balance comes boundaries.  But we can’t expect it to just all work out we have to plan and work for it just like anything else hence, why it is a journey.  This week try to make boundaries and work on balance in order to find that sweet spot in life.


PS. only one more day of our APRIL CHALLENGE!