Season for change!

Ok now I really have been MIA! But sometimes you just need change. I needed to stop and take one thing off my list. I needed to chill after vacation like I said it was a great vacation but when I got back I feel like I lost my groove. Before I left I felt like I was in it to win it with my diet, with exercising, and with Cakes. I felt I was on the ball of life and being organized and on task and then… VACATION. I came home I was sad, not ready to go back to work, not ready to be positive, not ready to bake and create. How could I be so go go go and then have a great refreshing vacation and come back in a slump? I wasn’t feeling positive and didn’t want to be fake and push out a positive motivating podcast when inside I felt like negative nelly. Since some time has past I do feel like I have gotten out of the slump. The productiveness is coming back, I’m still exercising, and it’s time for a change to continue to get back into that positive state. So here are some changes…

  • This will no longer be MWF motivation it will be when ever I want to post and it will be hopefully motivating but more to share about life and things I’m interested in. Yes I still want to lift people up but I also want to share other things I’m interested in. Maybe it will be more like a personal diary but I hope people can connect and share with me! I feel like if I do write and keep a blog I can look back on it for myself and remember these bits in my life.
  • More change I can’t talk about at the moment but I will talk about it when it happens just send positive vibes my way and the courage to take this leap and say NO.
  • Sometimes I will podcast and sometimes I will write! It was hard to get the voice part in because I could only upload if I was on a computer and when I’m on my phone I can at least write and share.
    I would LOVE if you guys chimed in and share or give feedback! I want to hear from my followers!
  • So that is that! A little change for the future and I hope you all continue to follow and want to hear my life journey! If not, I understand because who cares about a random sometimes positive persons life in Arizona anyway?! But in the end I care about you and hope I can still offer a sense of positivity to my readers and to be real! That being said in the famous words of F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Life begins again when it gets crisp in the fall!

    So here’s to new beginnings and change! What will the crisp air bring to you?



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