Stress doesn’t go with my outfit!

So a secret of mine is I would love to not wear the same outfit twice… 😦 I know a little pretentious but I LOVE CLOTHES and how new outfits make me feel!  When I have an new outfit it is almost like art and I got to put together a whole new look!  And when I am in a stunning outfit that I just LOVE I feel GREAT, Excited, confident!  Now, I shouldn’t only feel this way due to clothes and it isn’t all because of the material things but it sure does help.  So today’s quote is about NOT WEARING STRESS as a part of your outfit!  You want to look put together, cool, calm, and collected so don’t let what is going on in your life show on the outside!  Dress to impress regardless of what is going on in your day and don’t let things get you so down it shows in your outer appearance!  Now I am not saying you need to go out and buy a new outfit but the better you feel about yourself the more positivity you will radiate!  Go out and be a positive fashionista today!



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