6 ways to not stress at work!

woman bartender smiling while mixing liqueurs
Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

Happy Friday from me, Sarah Moffa ;-)!  Are you at work today?  Do you feel stressed?  I know there are times when I am at work and can feel overwhelmed for sure!  Well here are 6 ways to de-stress at work (found on pinterest by Bank Of America)  to have a better day!

  1.  Step outside!  Now here in AZ you may not want to step outside because it is so STINKING hot during this time of year.  But maybe just get out of your office or step outside for a couple of minutes to just re-collect yourself and take a few deep breaths!  Sometimes stepping away from your work and going back gives you a new perspective.
  2. Do a little meditation!  Do a little deep breathing and chant some mantras about being positive and move on with your day!
  3. Go take a quick break and grab a coffee or share your lunch break with a friend and either escape the work day for a minute with some friendly conversation or maybe ask for advice if your in a bind!
  4. Now I have not ever heard of a pet friendly workplace but maybe if you work from home and have a pet this can pertain for you but take a snuggle break with your pet!  Giving your pet some lovin’ always puts you in a good mood so take a pet break and then get back to work!  Added bonus your pet will love this too!
  5. Create a to-do list!  Write down the things you need to get done and feel accomplished when you have crossed everything or most everything off your list!
  6. Remind yourself of your goals and WHY!  Why are you working why are you here?!  Are you working to save up for a vacation?  Or maybe your working towards a better position or raise!  Whatever the reason is remind yourself that in order to get there you need to work hard and let your why be your motivation!

I hope your Friday goes by like a breeze and is not stressful and you get to have a long and enjoyable weekend!


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