Be that girl..or boy

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Be that girl (boy) that wakes up, shows up, never gives up, and works hard!

Wake up

The past few weeks I have been trying to get up early to get stuff done! More time to go to the gym, be productive, and even get more rest! I have been making little lists to accomplish each day to keep on track for the week!

Show up

Showing up is half the battle! Did you ever take a class in college where you got points for showing up?! Not only was the class easier because you got the lesson for actually being in class but then you got extra points for just being there! Those are times it pays to just show up! Or if you’re trying to get back on a gym routine (aka me) maybe you get in the habit of going even if your workouts are the best you are still showing up and trying to make a difference

Never give up

Well this is a given! In life you can’t just give up! Times get hard or you may struggle but that is not means for giving up! The obstacles you face when working towards a goal only make you stronger so keep pushing forward!

Work Hard

To accomplish things in life you have to work hard! There is a rare few people besides trust fund babies that don’t have to work hard and just get handed things in life. But n order to get that money someone had to work for it! So put your best effort forward and prepare to do some work!

Just a little mid week power jolt to keep you accountable to stay on task! You got this girl.. or boy!



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