Mantra Mondays

photo of woman holding a green paper
Photo by Kat Jayne on

Happy Monday Ya’ll!  I have another mantra to get you going this week!  I like it because it rhymes and is kinda easy to remember!  But I also like it because it says to leave your past behind you, look to the future, and fill your heart with joy and love.  What  is better than that?  We obviously don’t want you to forget the good things of the past but if you have things that are brining you down you should find a way to move past them to be able to enjoy your life and look forward to a bright new future with love and joy!  Just like we have said before if it is not serving you in a positive and productive way then you need to get it out of your life.  It servers no positive purpose in your life so move on and focus on what is to come!

Hope you all have a great week!


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