Material things don’t define me

So June I did my no spending June and it felt great! I feel it showed I didn’t need new clothes all the time and have PLENTY of things in my wardrobe to keep changing up my daily outfits! To me there’s just something about a new outfit and how I feel BUT it’s not about the clothes or the outfit it’s me and I should let my personality, positivity, and myself be what shines! So the mantra for today is…

I don’t need material things to make me feel successful, things do not define me.

I am who I am without my clothes, car, house, bike etc. those things aren’t what made me who I am today. I am going to continue to work hard, be positive, and try to be kind to everyone and let those be the things people notice and remember me. Be defined by you and not things!


ps: audio to come…

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