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Being alone.. for some that sounds so scary others, enjoy that time for reflection or just relaxation. Being alone used to be hard for me.. I hated nights I didn’t have plans or didn’t want to be alone with out a relationship. I felt so lost, scared, lonely when I was alone. I partly feel I didn’t like to be alone because I was forced to think about things in life that were bothering me or I was upset about and when I was around my friends I was distracted. I don’t know how I over came that feeling and became more independent but I am glad I do and now I enjoy my moments when I can get things done, think, or feel. I think it is good to have alone time to reflect on life and actually come into terms with situations you want to avoid. Like I said I wish I could tell you how I got over this feeling and became more independent but I feel over time the more you accept yourself, be honest with yourself and grow the more you can handle being alone. I encourage you to embrace moments of loneliness and take more time for yourself to be independent.

Have a good weekend.


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