Red White and Boo’s

Photo by Pixabay on

Jay Shetty, friendships, and 4th of July! Check him out, get some good ones, and celebrate! Happy 4th of July everyone!! So today’s podcast is dedicated to friendships aka “boo’s” and celebrating! Jay Shetty is a GREAT motivational/ positivity influence on instagram and Facebook if you don’t know who he is you should check him out he has great videos and advice that puts life in perspective! Lots of positive info and quotes! So today’s quote comes from him about friendships, something so important to have! It’s good to have friends that we can have a good time with but it’s also good to have the friends that support us, encourage us, can be there in good times and bad. It’s crucial to have these types of people in our lives to keep us going and help us up when we are feeling down. I hope these are the people you are celebrating with today a great group of friends!

Happy 4th and if you have a good group of friends be a great friend in return!


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