Never regret a day

light nature sky sunset
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I need a kick in the pants…ever since last week having 2 days off and no cakes I can’t get back to my usual go go go self.   I know I will get back to my motivated self but I feel lately I want to have a slower life for right now.  I am not ready to give up my side hustle but I am ready for some slower days.  That being said… Even though this week isn’t as eventful and fun I never want to regret my days… Good days are great, bad days are experience, worst days are lessons, and great days are for memories.  So last week was for memories and this week is an experience so far.  Ha ha!  No it hasn’t been bad I just can’t get myself back in the groove!  But I keep reminiscing about being up north last week and how much fun I had and I need to embrace those moments more than I think about how unmotivated and need to light a fire under my booty!  I should think about the positive times and have a reason to look forward to more.  I encourage you to do the same these last couple days before the weekend.  Think about the good days and memories and let the bad days be lessons and experience that we take note and move on from.


Ps someone light a fire under my booty to get me back in #bossmode Thank you 🙂

Pps yes sometimes I need motivation too!

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