Waste of time!


Happy Monday everyone!  I am publishing this LIVE from my OWN house!  How exciting is that!  I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day and now on to the glorious new week ahead!  So today I wanted to talk about time… I can’t tell you how many times I have said or wished there was more time in the day but am I using all my time wisely?  Am I making the most of the time that I have?  Am I spending time with people who deserve my time?  All good questions when allocating your time.  Some people don’t need to think about time as a precious jewel preserve and use wisely but most do.  I heard a great analogy of comparing time to money. For example is it worth playing candy crush for a half hour when you have other things to get done?  Now think if playing candy crush for a half hour was $30 would you still “waste” your time doing that?  Funny sometimes yes I probably would because well obvi they made it addicting as crack ha ha but two its just mindless “fun” to me.  But in the grand scheme of things no.  I would not spend $30 to play candy crush.  It is funny to think how we can be so frugal with money especially when we can get more or if we don’t like something we can get a refund but TIME is not like that.  We have a limited amount of time every day and in life.  You never will know when your time could run out.  So I think we should focus more on how we are spending our time and who we are spending our time with and make it memorable and worth our “spending” (since we are comparing it to money).  This week think about this when we are making choices on how to spend our time.  Do we really need to go out with friends or would it be better to spend more time with our kids this weekend.  Should I go to an event or should I stay home and complete chores around the house.  Should I pick up and extra shift at work or should I stay home and study for an exam.  All things to consider when we are faced with the choices.     I want to inspire you to use your time wisely this week!


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