Love the skin you’re in!

Body image! We all have suffered from poor body image at some point in our life! We think.. I’m not the weight I want to be… I need to be more fit… I want to look this certain way… but we should have a positive relationship with ourself and our body. Just like any other relationship the more positive you are about it the better off you will be. Even if you haven’t met your health goals being positive will help you meet them faster! You need to tell yourself daily that you love your body, yourself and you are happy with where you’re at in your health routine.

So today’s affirmation should be said out loud and looking in the mirror and actually BELIEVE IT! Also, maybe start this routine with your children! Why not start a positive routine with them now!? Show them that you have a positive attitude towards your body and teach them to do the same!

We should love the skin we are in! Be proud of your accomplishments and start a better positive relationship with yourself!


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