Educate yo-self

Happy Monday!  Did you cringe at my very uneducated title?! Ha ha!  Anyways it was a long weekend filled with cakes, cakes, and oh ya work!  But this weekend I decided to make a change while doing cakes, instead of watching crap late night TV I am going to listen to a podcast, or book on tape (ha I keep calling it that but it just sounds appropriate…am I showing my age? 😦 ) So someone suggested this book and since I am trying to focus on being more positive, productive, etc I thought hm, why don’t I give it a listen.  I think I have now listened to half the book so far, and wow how enlightening!  He really has some good information, ideas, and thoughts!  I already have begun following his suggestion of waking up, drinking mineral water, getting some movement, and sunshine!  It’s a great way to start your day and sets the tone for a positive and productive day!  Another suggestion he had was to listen to something educational, or a podcast or story during your commute to work and what a wonderful idea that is!  Now I don’t have a commute to work but I have chosen to listen while I am burning the midnight oil doing cakes or whatever.  So instead of raising your blood pressure, texting, or screaming your lungs out to your favorite tunes why not listen to an educational book, podcast, or even a story!  You could potentially learn about a whole new subject in a week by just listening on your way to and from work or in my case while making cakes!   It is always good to expand and educate your mind so why not take advantage and learn during your commute!  I’ve attached a link to the book and I highly recommend it so check it out and educate yo-self!


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