A little bit of good


Sorry had to do it in two takes!  Ha and its a day late!  I have been so bad about getting this out on time because I can’t do it from my phone and don’t have a computer at my house!  Anyways!  Congrats on finishing your April Challenge!  I was so happy with my results I am going to keep it up!  I did have some diet soda but I still haven’t had wine and still staying pretty strict keto!  We will see how long that will go for but I am feeling so good I am not ready to stop yet!  Like I said I may do a challenge a month and I will encourage you to join me because I think discipline is good!

Anyways!  On to the good stuff!  Finding a bit of good in everyday!  Sometimes it is hard to find and its easier to focus on the bad especially on days where I feel like its one thing after another.  But we need to look at the good to try to change our thoughts and views and maybe it will change our day around.  I know I can get pretty negative sometimes when things start going sour and so I should make a sticky note of this quote to bring me back from the dark side!  🙂   It is all about mindset and what you do in every situation so try to make the best of it!


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