It is a journey


Balance. so easy to say so hard to find.  I was talking to my sister last night and she inspired this podcast because she said to find balance is a journey.  And BOY is that TRUE!  I feel like either it is too little or too much and I have yet to find the sweet spot with balancing work, friends, cakes, chores, family, life, alone time, etc, etc…. And yet just looking at that list it seems like a lot to even find balance for.  I know everyone deals with it some are better at it than others because with balance comes boundaries.  But we can’t expect it to just all work out we have to plan and work for it just like anything else hence, why it is a journey.  This week try to make boundaries and work on balance in order to find that sweet spot in life.


PS. only one more day of our APRIL CHALLENGE!



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