Do you feel like your brain is like grand central station with information, thoughts, ideas, to-do lists and it just doesn’t stop?! I feel like this ALL the time! Lately I have been doing restorative yoga with my mom and trying to slow it down for a moment but it’s SO HARD! She says when you can’t focus or start thinking focus on your breath… but as hard as I try it’s deep breath in.. I need to go to the grocery.. stop thinking. Oh ya breathe.. oh ya time to exhale. And then I just feel like ugh this is pointless at least I’m getting a good stretch. I want to have a moment of pure nothingness! No thoughts, no cares, no information stream scrolling at 100 miles an hour in my head. So for now I’ll have to practice. I encourage you to do the same! Take some deep breaths and try to clear your mind try to take 5 minutes of nothing. Just deep breathing and clearing your head. I’m going to try to start doing it daily even if I can’t have 5 minutes I will try until I get there! I hope you try too and find simple moments of nothing that makes your day better and have a moment of relaxation.

Inhale the good and exhale the bad!


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