We don’t need recognition


First off I need to find and editing program because if not, I redo the podcast over and over 😩 so until then pardon the mistakes!

Now on to the subject of the matter! We shouldn’t stop giving 100% just because we don’t receive recognition. Yes praise is nice and all but sometimes I feel we are like children waiting for that praise or acknowledgement to continue to work hard or to continue to work at all. Why? Why do we need to hear from others we are doing good in order to maintain our giving potential? Why can’t we just keep going for ourself or for the principle of it being our job or goal? I’m not saying we don’t deserve praise and it is nice to be heard but that shouldn’t be our driving force. So keep pushing and being the best you can even if you aren’t hearingthe recognition you need because the end goal or paycheck is better than “great job” or someone noticing your achievements.

Have a great weekend,


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