“Use your struggles and frustrations today to motivate you rather than annoy you.  You are in control of the way you look at life.” Day 3 on the April challenge and pretty sure I have the “keto flu.”  (When your cut out carbs and are strict you go thru keto flu.  Tired, headaches, etc..) Although i have been following keto I have not been tracking to stay under 20 carbs I just have been estimating and still continuing to drink energy drinks (wince now) and diet soda and I have cut both of those out as well.  So today sucked.  I still had caffeine but I think my body is adjusting back into ketosis and going thru changes which in the grand scheme of things is good but it just wasn’t good for today.  BUT I could sit here and dwell on this and quit my challenge but I am going to look at it as my body is changing and adapting because the changes I am making which is good!  So today with your struggles and frustrations let them motivate you to keep going and pushing harder.  Don’t let one thing get you down enough to not move on.  Be strong and come out on top!

Side note: I promise not to make this a keto blog even if it’s my April Challenge I just was sharing my struggles.

End side note 😉


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