Your best accessory can be your smile


Do you want to radiate positivity  where ever you go and make the world a little happier?  Well there is one small thing you can do to accomplish this and that is a SMILE!  Have you ever noticed out in public when people are smiling their positive vibe rubs off on you?  You may smile back or even be curious as to what is making them so happy.   These days we are so used to frowns, sad, expressionless, or RBF (resting b*tch face) for those who don’t know that smiling is rare.  I am even guilty of forgetting my smile and people at work always ask or say does she ever smile?  Clearly it makes me look like Im upset, not happy with my life ect. but in reality im just at work and in the zone.  But imagine if everyone smiled a little more and wore positivity on their face how it would brighten up the day around you!  Today, I encourage you to try smiling more.  A smile is a perfect accessory to any outfit and of course we want to spread a happy positive vibe so today just try it with a smile!

Say Cheese!


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