Always leave on a good note!


My mom listens to my podcast and always has suggestions or says remember what you said in your own podcast when I’m not being so positive.  Well this podcast was suggested by her and it is great advice!  Always leave your loved ones on a good note you never know when it may be the last time you will see them.  The world is crazy and cruel and our lives can change in a blink of an eye and sometimes that change is permanent.  So if you are in a disagreement with someone or upset although we don’t have to forgive and forget right away we should always still say I love you and make sure we aren’t leaving on an angry note.  The issue doesn’t have to be completely solved but always try to at least tie up some of the loose ends to make a positive ending.  Or maybe if the issue isn’t going to be settled that day agree upon a better time to discuss the situation and still try to leave on a positive note.    I know it is easier to be stubborn and upset but think of the pain you would feel later if being mad was the last thing you were left with or the last memory someone had of you.  We need to treasure the ones we love and care about so yes be mad and upset but at the end of the day make sure they still know you love them.


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