Take a 5 min vaca today!


Ever think back to a great memory or vacation and have that happy feeling for a few minutes?  We should cherish the memories we make and relive them in times of stress or when we need a pick me up.  Last year, I went on a wonderful vacation to a music festival and sometimes when I am stressed or just thinking I will go back to those memories, look at the pictures and think about how much fun I had.  The music, food, and relaxing was amazing!  I feel after I reminisce I am a little happier that day and it feels like I took a 5 min vaca away from the world and reliving great memories.  So today I encourage you to think of a good memory while you are stopped at a red light or maybe stepping away from your desk and just think about the great time you had, who you spent it with and take a mini vaca.

Bon Voyage!


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