Caution NEGATIVITY AHEAD…Have you ever heard the song “two step forward, three steps back.”  I feel like that is my life sometimes.  And I know this podcast is about being positive (I’ll get there)  but like I have shared before I have a more than full time job and I do cakes on the side.  So on my days off I try to get ahead so I’m not staying up all night finishing them even though that does happen a lot.  But, it always seems when I do get things done ahead it all comes crumbling down and it is so FRUSTRATING!!!!  And sometimes I think this is the universe telling me to stop or whatever.  UGH!  But last night I just had to stop and I was driving home and thinking so I do this podcast about being positive and motivating how can I turn my frustration into something good.  So I took some deep breaths and for sure exhaled out my stress very loudly! And then I told myself mistakes happen, it’s not life if we don’t occasionally hit road blocks and tomorrow is a new day and it will get done.  So I think if you are feeling frustraed, let down, and irritated it’s best to walk away, take a deep breath, and continue later with a better outlook.  You may have to spend more time than you intended but in the end it will be okay and that is what we need to focus on.  Because be realistic we all know life isn’t perfect and we have to deal with stress and struggle to grow stronger.  So stay strong my friends and thanks for letting me be a real person and share my struggles with you!


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