Monday Night Affirmations


It’s Monday and instead of inspiring your minds this morning I slept in and decided to give you a night time affirmation to help you relax and rejuvenate for the rest of the week!  I have really been working on my night time routine to relax and besides a glass of wine (ha ha) I have been trying to not fall asleep to the tv, plugging my phone in away from my bed, and trying new techniques to clear my mind and unwind.  So today I encourage you to do the same.  They say the best way to recharge your batteries is with rest and although you sleep during the night are you really resting when you are thinking about tomorrow or this weeks tasks?  So tonight, before you say your affirmations take some deep breaths and clear your mind.  Stop thinking about the day, don’t worry about what has to be done tomorrow and just be in the moment and focus on your breathing.  Inhale a nice breath and exhale all your worries and thoughts.  After you feel your mind is clear and you are ready for sleep repeat the affirmation or one of your own maybe say it once or twice and just keep deep breathing until you drift off to sleep.  It is always good to end your day on a positive note and focusing on positive energy to wake up too!

Sleep tight and sweet dreams digital world!


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