Ask for help!

So yesterday I was talking with a friend, and this topic got brought up and I thought it is the perfect podcast!  Sometimes we get behind, stuck, or in a bad situation and if you are like me, you rather figure it out yourself because you’re embarrassed, stubborn, or just not wanting to let someone give you a hand but there are sometimes when you should just simply ASK FOR HELP!  Looking back when growing up I see many times I should have just asked for help from my parents or peers regardless if it was advice or more.  I just wanted to figure everything out for myself and didn’t want help or thought I didn’t need help and if I would have just asked I may have not got into some of the predicaments that I did.  It is such a simple thing to do and it may lead to a lecture or a little bit of embarrassment but that only lasts a minute and can sometimes be worth the help.  So next time your stuck, caught up, worried maybe look to someone you can trust and just ask for help!


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