Monday mantras!

Time to rest! Everything is going to be okay!

A perfect mantra to end the day and get started on some much needed zzzzz’s! Rest and relaxation is what we all need more of in this fast pace world! I have a sleep routine that makes going to sleep a breeze! It cuts out my mind running a 5k marathon! Try out my night time routine and let me know if you catch some better zzzz’s!

Sweet dreams


Leading or bossing..

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Are you a leader or a boss?  Now for this podcast the term “boss” is someone who is demanding, doesn’t show positive examples, barks orders, and shows no appreciation towards the work that has been done.  The definition of a leader is someone who still has high standard but leads by example, appreciates work that is done and is creating a positive work environment for everyone.  I feel like these two phrases can be used not only in a work setting but can also be used in a classroom, church group, sports team, or even friend group.  Be that positive drive and leader in any environment you are placed in!

Have  a great weekend friends!


Go for it!

So I feel like this podcast is like I heard this thing from this guy… ha ha! But I was watching the Today Show and I did hear part of a segment while I was doing things around the house and I should have wrote down the info but I figured you would get the gist of what I’m saying and no matter who said it… it’s still inspirational! When you are attempting something, GO FOR IT! Go all in put your heart and soul into it and you just may get a better outcome than you thought!

Sorry again a late post I have been house sitting like I said and not around the computer so I can’t upload content from my phone which has been putting me behind! But at least I’m still trying to inspire 3 times a week!




Material things don’t define me

So June I did my no spending June and it felt great! I feel it showed I didn’t need new clothes all the time and have PLENTY of things in my wardrobe to keep changing up my daily outfits! To me there’s just something about a new outfit and how I feel BUT it’s not about the clothes or the outfit it’s me and I should let my personality, positivity, and myself be what shines! So the mantra for today is…

I don’t need material things to make me feel successful, things do not define me.

I am who I am without my clothes, car, house, bike etc. those things aren’t what made me who I am today. I am going to continue to work hard, be positive, and try to be kind to everyone and let those be the things people notice and remember me. Be defined by you and not things!


ps: audio to come…


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Being alone.. for some that sounds so scary others, enjoy that time for reflection or just relaxation. Being alone used to be hard for me.. I hated nights I didn’t have plans or didn’t want to be alone with out a relationship. I felt so lost, scared, lonely when I was alone. I partly feel I didn’t like to be alone because I was forced to think about things in life that were bothering me or I was upset about and when I was around my friends I was distracted. I don’t know how I over came that feeling and became more independent but I am glad I do and now I enjoy my moments when I can get things done, think, or feel. I think it is good to have alone time to reflect on life and actually come into terms with situations you want to avoid. Like I said I wish I could tell you how I got over this feeling and became more independent but I feel over time the more you accept yourself, be honest with yourself and grow the more you can handle being alone. I encourage you to embrace moments of loneliness and take more time for yourself to be independent.

Have a good weekend.


Red White and Boo’s

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Jay Shetty, friendships, and 4th of July! Check him out, get some good ones, and celebrate! Happy 4th of July everyone!! So today’s podcast is dedicated to friendships aka “boo’s” and celebrating! Jay Shetty is a GREAT motivational/ positivity influence on instagram and Facebook if you don’t know who he is you should check him out he has great videos and advice that puts life in perspective! Lots of positive info and quotes! So today’s quote comes from him about friendships, something so important to have! It’s good to have friends that we can have a good time with but it’s also good to have the friends that support us, encourage us, can be there in good times and bad. It’s crucial to have these types of people in our lives to keep us going and help us up when we are feeling down. I hope these are the people you are celebrating with today a great group of friends!

Happy 4th and if you have a good group of friends be a great friend in return!


Mantra Monday

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Short and simple for today!  But it is a good one to start the day out and remind yourself…

Don’t be the same. Be better!

What a powerful mantra that is simple and to the point!  Be better than your were yesterday and last week, be better at being you, getting things done, being positive, anything!  You want to constantly be improving yourself and being more positive so start now and be better!


Highlights of the week

This week I wanted to share some positive snapshots of my life! I know I’m always giving suggestions on how to lead a positive life but I wanted to actually reflect and be thankful for some of the great moments this week! It’s been a busy one but I’ve made some great memories and got to celebrate some accomplishments and I wanted to reflect on them. I think it’s good to celebrate and be excited about the good things in life! So here are mine for this week and I hope you have some to enjoy this week!

Have a great weekend!


Take it one week, day, hour… at a time.

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I do this to myself every week.  I freak out about what needs to be done and I over think it and stress myself out and get anxious.  It all ends up coming together but in the beginning of the week its overwhelming like when am I going to get this done and oh my I have so much to do I shouldn’t be doing this I should be working on cake or work things.  But lately, I have been trying to focus on just the day.  I think what do I have to complete that day.  I have even told people when they text or ask about things “I’m not there yet and I’ll get back to you.” because that task is not for that day.  I feel it helps with not getting as anxious about all the things I need to get done.

So take it day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute to make sure your not over doing it and not feeling anxious!