Season for change!

Ok now I really have been MIA! But sometimes you just need change. I needed to stop and take one thing off my list. I needed to chill after vacation like I said it was a great vacation but when I got back I feel like I lost my groove. Before I left I felt like I was in it to win it with my diet, with exercising, and with Cakes. I felt I was on the ball of life and being organized and on task and then… VACATION. I came home I was sad, not ready to go back to work, not ready to be positive, not ready to bake and create. How could I be so go go go and then have a great refreshing vacation and come back in a slump? I wasn’t feeling positive and didn’t want to be fake and push out a positive motivating podcast when inside I felt like negative nelly. Since some time has past I do feel like I have gotten out of the slump. The productiveness is coming back, I’m still exercising, and it’s time for a change to continue to get back into that positive state. So here are some changes…

  • This will no longer be MWF motivation it will be when ever I want to post and it will be hopefully motivating but more to share about life and things I’m interested in. Yes I still want to lift people up but I also want to share other things I’m interested in. Maybe it will be more like a personal diary but I hope people can connect and share with me! I feel like if I do write and keep a blog I can look back on it for myself and remember these bits in my life.
  • More change I can’t talk about at the moment but I will talk about it when it happens just send positive vibes my way and the courage to take this leap and say NO.
  • Sometimes I will podcast and sometimes I will write! It was hard to get the voice part in because I could only upload if I was on a computer and when I’m on my phone I can at least write and share.
    I would LOVE if you guys chimed in and share or give feedback! I want to hear from my followers!
  • So that is that! A little change for the future and I hope you all continue to follow and want to hear my life journey! If not, I understand because who cares about a random sometimes positive persons life in Arizona anyway?! But in the end I care about you and hope I can still offer a sense of positivity to my readers and to be real! That being said in the famous words of F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Life begins again when it gets crisp in the fall!

    So here’s to new beginnings and change! What will the crisp air bring to you?



    Best part of your day

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    On vacation we started a routine of asking what was the best part of the day!  Of course, being in Disney World there is a lot to choose from but I thought after we got home what a good routine to continue because it makes you find the positivity in everyday!  It doesn’t have to be anything major like enjoying the Disney Parade it can be as simple as checking off four tasks on your to do list, or hitting your work out goals.  Regardless of what it may be, it helps us focus on what good happened that day to remind us that we do have a positive fulfilled life!  Find someone to hold you accountable and to remind you what good you had everyday!


    Have a magical day!

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    Hi friends! I know I have been a little MIA but a week before vacation was a little hectic and then I took a week vacation and literally took a vacation from everything! It was the most amazing time! I went to Disney World with my family and just enjoyed the company, surroundings, and Disney Magic! And that is what the post is about today! All the staff would tell you “Have a Magical Day!” And those words really stuck and reminded me every day is a gift and can be magical and we just need to embrace it and truly have a magical day and be thankful to live this day! So remember that this week as you are living life to have a magical day!

    Thanks for letting me go MIA and glad to bring motivation back!



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    This week has been CRAZY! I’m a week out from vacation and trying to cross all the things off my list! Today is for looking at the positives in life that we take for granite. We need to realize we are #winning even if it’s for the small things! Be thankful for the simple things and realize that these things make us lucky!



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    I feel so many people suffer with anxiety and who can blame them in the fast pace world we live in where everyone expects MORE, MORE, MORE!  It is OK to be overwhelmed and feel anxious but how you deal with it is how you can overcome it!  Today I have some affirmations to say, think, and repeat, when you are feeling anxious!

    • This is only temporary
    • I am in control
    • I can take things one step at a time
    • I have made it through before and I will make it through again
    • Anxiety does not define me

    Life can get hard sometimes but it is only temporary and we can get out of that anxious feeling by helping ourselves remember these small things!  Don’t let anxiety and stress consume your life break free and let the positivity shine!



    Hump Day

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    How has your August Challenge going?  We have 2 more days of this month and I hope you have been sticking to your goals!  That being said, today’s quote is about motivating yourself!  Only you can push yourself to get things done.  Yes it is helpful when people encourage and support you but the internal fire has to come from you!  They always say you can’t help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves and that holds true even when trying to obtain goals and dreams.  Be your internal fire, be the drive and the push to make yourself work harder.


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    Happy Monday! I have 2 mantras to get your week going in a positive direction!  Love the life you have while working towards your dream life!  You may not be where you want to be in life but while your working towards those goals you should still enjoy life and enjoy the moments of your journey!  The second mantra is stop trying to be PERFECT and just be authentic!  Nobody is perfect so just focus on being yourself and being real!  Move forward this week with these two mantras in your head and keep positive!


    Stay True

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    Inspired by the insta inspirational man Jay Shetty,  never stop being a good person because of bad people! It is so easy to get revenge, or “pay someone back” but in all reality is it worth stooping to their level?  Let karma and life repay them and simply stay true to yourself and continue to be good and positive.  It is also hard when so many people are negative around you but try not to let them get you down!  Be the positive light and energy and don’t let others change that!

    Have a great weekend!